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Providing insurance planning and cost saving business solutions is what Montgomery & Graham, Inc. does. They have been helping businesses and people in Washington and Oregon since 1997. The focus of the company is to bring the latest healthcare strategies of tomorrow to businesses today, and offering unmatched client care and value added services along the way.

Workings with the businesses in the Pacific Northwest, Montgomery &Graham, Inc. know how to care for their clients and help protect the bottom line. M&G teaches their clients the meaning of the words, customer service with their friendly staff that will always pick up the phone. They work hard to find the best coverage at right price by comparing the client’s options.

Businesses can compare their insurance broker’s options to Montgomery & Graham Inc. to see how they measure up. They not only give advice on providing the kind of coverage that the client can feel secure and safe with, but also provide addition free services to clients like employee wellbeing and legal support. They start by selecting the right plan for your organization and then administer the plan seamlessly and continuously, always thinking of the client first.

One of the strategies they recommend is using an HSA. A Health Savings Account can be a cost-efficient alternative or addition to traditional health plans. While the cost of health care soars, many people are using the health savings accounts or HAS’s as a way to save. This option has the potential to save you a good deal of money and is quickly growing in popularity.

It offers a way to take control of health expenses for the consumers. It suggests to the customer to make healthier lifestyle choices, to invest and save money over time for future medical needs, and to make better choices for their health-care-related financial decisions. Using the HSA as a savings account, it secures pretax dollars in a fund for future medical needs, and helps meet the deductible of the HDHP.

Montgomery & Graham’s main goal is to help their clients solve their challenges that their businesses face today and tomorrow. No matter if, they are looking to protect their employees, business, home, auto, or family, M&G covers it all. They provide Washington and Oregon with health insurance they can trust and feel comfortable using. Their team has worked with all sizes of businesses along with individuals with unique circumstances.

You can offer your employees benefit packages that can excel in company wellness and employee retention and at the same time take control of your health insurance costs. Save money by offering risk management solutions, and innovative healthcare, learn about your options. Montgomery & Graham Inc. help you care for your employees without neglecting your bottom line!

Investing in Employee Wellbeing is Beneficial to Business

There are clear business benefits to supporting employee health and wellbeing, says a new CBI report in conjunction with Medicash. The research outlines how improving employee health can contribute to better business performance through lower absence, higher productivity and better employee engagement.

Neil Carberry, CBI Director for Employment and Skills, said: “Having healthy staff is an essential part of running a healthy business. Investing in the wellbeing of employees is not only the right thing to do, it has real business benefits. It’s time for businesses and government to work hand-in-hand to move from a reactive to proactive approach on health and wellbeing in the workplace.  Encouraging investment that gets people back to work sooner, with less of a burden on the NHS, is in everybody’s interest.”

Sue Weir, CEO of Medicash, says:  “Developing and implementing a targeted healthcare strategy can help business avoid costly absenteeism and ensure their workforce is a happy, healthy and committed one. That’s why more and more businesses looking to increase output and maximise business performance are putting into place robust health and wellbeing strategies.  Offering a health and wellbeing package is an affordable and beneficial means of doing this and of attracting, motivating, rewarding and retaining staff.”

Is employer group health insurance available to sole proprietors?


Some states define a small employer group as those that have 1-50 employees, but most states require companies to have at least two employees to qualify for group coverage. Insurance companies and the individual states often have specific and strict requirements for very small employer groups to document that they actually are legitimate businesses and have the appropriate number of eligible employees to prevent fraud. Employers generally have to provide payroll tax documentation validating who is an employee.

In the past, some states that allowed sole proprietors to purchase group coverage were often referred to as states that guarantee coverage for “business groups of one.” The ACA has eliminated this option of “business groups of one.” Instead, these business owners have been directed to purchase coverage in the individual market whether through the marketplace or outside the marketplace.